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Tech is Keeping our Buildings Clean, Here’s How

As we get closer and closer to 2021, everyone seems to be wondering when the COVID-related issues will finally be solved.

It’s been months of looming tension and turbulence. The same questions that were hanging on the industry’s mind back in March are still being asked today. What’s coming next? How can we stay safe? What changes will we see in the world moving forward?

The core of these conversations always come back to the commercial scene. After all, the coronavirus disturbed the commercial arena more than anything else. Market closures meant commercial closures – with few exceptions for essentials like multifamily, medical, grocery, and industrial.

The pandemic is commercial real estate’s latest problem to deal with. CRE has the responsibility of transforming the industry’s buildings into modern, safe, and secure environments. All commercial real estate owners, developers, and investors are now striving to find solutions to today’s challenges.

The Promise of Technology

It’s been over six months since the pandemic has been a reality. So, what answers have surfaced? While there’s still no clear cut solution, the direction has been made unmistakably clear. Technology will be the way we keep our commercial buildings safe – and we’ll do that by keeping them clean.

Here are some of the ways that technology is helping to keep buildings clean, both now and after COVID.

UV-Emitting Robots

Did you know that ultraviolet light waves are a powerful sanitizer? Studies show that UV light treatments effectively kill microorganisms, pathogens, and other bacteria. And, most of these UV systems have a near 100% eradication rate.

Robots that pulsate broad-spectrum UV light are being deployed within the commercial scene to completely disinfect entire areas of a building. Hotels and industrial sites have been using these tools to disinfect rooms and everything in them – helping keep the building safe for occupants on a microscopic level.

UV sanitation is a fast-working process, making it an easy-to-adopt cleaning protocol.

IoT Powered Air Quality Control

COVID or no COVID, clean air quality is essential for safe and healthy buildings. Improving the air quality of commercial properties has been top of mind within the industry for some time now.

But, the pandemic’s airborne nature surely helped bring these longstanding goals into reality. Consistent monitoring and regulation of an asset’s air quality is only possible with IoT’s real-time response capabilities.

These networks of Smart sensors are providing CRE with enough data to make trackable improvements.

Ultra Low Volume Fogging

Often called ULV Fogging, ultra low volume fogging is a sanitation tactic that’s being used within CRE to combat the pandemic. ULV Fogging sprays small particle disinfectant into large spaces to completely clean an environment down to the microscopic level. Bacterias, viral agents, and germs are destroyed and killed after one quick session.

This is the best tactic to reach every last nook and cranny. From floor to ceiling and everything in between, ultra low volume fogging is a cleaning solution for commercial real estate.

Now and in the years to come, technology will be helping keep CRE’s buildings clean.